Have you seen the video doing the rounds where Jim Carrey addresses university graduates? Look it up. Unless you’ve already spotted it being shared on Facebook, in which case, watch it.

It’s only one minute long, but in that minute he shares a message that struck a cord. He talks about his Dad who longed to be a comedian, but, swayed by ‘practicality’ became an accountant. It was, after all, the safest option. Or so he thought. To cut a long story short, that ‘safe’ job he was in turned out to not be. He lost his job and the family struggled. Just as they would have for a while during his rise to comedy fame.

What would have happened if Jim Carrey took the safe option? I guess that depends on what you think of his films. But you can’t deny his amazing success from taking the risky path to stardom.

I showed my Nan that clip today. I was asking her what she really wanted to do as a career. If she could do ANYTHING, what would that be.

And do you know what she replied with?

A secretary.

There’s nothing wrong with being a secretary. But this was her ambition as a 16 year old. The age when anything should be possible. When dreams could actually happen.

But do you know what the difference was? Opportunity. In the 1940s there was no possibility of her becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a business owner (unless she inherited it) or any other high flying job. You went to school, left at 14, went to college to get your book keeping, short hand, commerce and typing qualifications and went to work.

The good thing is that she doesn’t feel sad about not having the opportunity I have now. She was fine with her lot. That’s because women and men were not equal in the workplace back in those days. And the war was not a time of abundance. So that was that.

So my lesson today was that I have a serious opportunity to do the thing I really love. I have the money, the qualifications, the level playing field and most of all I have the dream. Things that my Nan didn’t.

Forget practicality. Forget being sensible. Go for the thing you really love.

I wonder what would have happened if my Nan gave herself chance to dream. Maybe I wouldn’t be here, so I’m fine with that ;)