Learn to build an engaged community of people who love (and buy) your stuff


Claire Dowdall

One of the best ways to grow your expert business is to build a strong community of people who want to hear what you have to say, implement what you have to teach and buy what you have to offer. 

If you have something to say, something to teach and something to sell, your community is your lifeblood.

For your content, for your products, for gaining the deepest understanding of your ideal clients.

And a tool for creating coaching and learning experiences that you love and your clients love you for.

If you haven’t got a group yet, I’ve got you.

If you’ve got a group and it’s not working for you, let’s sort it.

And if you want to know how Facebook groups can fit into your expert business, let’s explore it.

If you teach or transform people and businesses, let’s make that happen faster, with more fun and profit.

If you’re a coach, trainer, speaker or consultant, let me show you how…

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About Claire

Claire Dowdall is known for her work with some of the most engaged and profitable communities online. With almost 2 decades of marketing and training under her belt, she’s been around. But her love of community only became apparent in 2016 when she realised the true power of teaching people in a community setting. Now she shows experts – coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants – to build communities they love and who love them back. As host of the Expert Focus podcast, she loves connecting people through conversation and is launching a brand new show soon ALL about community.

She’s a mum of 2 awesome girls, girlfriend of a man who puts up with a lot and hooman to a “spirited” Jack Russell terrier. 

You can get a bit more up close and personal here…

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