The Marketing Hub

A hub of learning, resources and community for solopreneurs has arrived!
A hub of learning, resources and community for solopreneurs has arrived!
  • Do you have a small business where it’s just you?
  • Do you have lots of ideas but need the accountability to get them done?
  • Do you work better with other people around you offering encouragement?
  • Do you lack time in the day to learn, so need a ’round the clock’ solution?

Well that’s why I’ve recently set up ‘The Marketing Hub’.

It’s early days for The Marketing Hub and I have big plans for it. Its own website is the next milestone, and my vision is that this will be a ‘hub’ for small business owners to find information on marketing, get involved with online courses and seminars and get to know other people who have the same challenges.

A Hub for Learning

The Marketing Hub will be a hub for learning, with online-based courses, webinars and e-courses delivered to you any time, anywhere, so you can learn whenever and wherever suits you, as long as it has an internet connection!  Many solopreneurs find attending seminars and workshops in person takes too much time away from running their business, and ‘mumpreneurs’ in particular struggle to work this around their families (I fall into that category myself).  With online learning, you have that flexibility, and you’ll be able to do it all via one website.

A Hub of Resources

It’s easy to spend hours on the web searching for answers. And they’re all there – somewhere!  Wouldn’t it be great to find all of the articles, ebooks and tools all in one place, compiled by people in the know for people like you?  The Marketing Hub will have a library of information all in one place, written not for corporates, not full of jargon or for people with big budgets, but for people who need the practical, down to earth advice necessary to feel confident to put it into practice

A Community Hub

The biggest value that’s been built into my vision for The Marketing Hub is the community aspect.  I’ve been running #focusonmarketing for over 2 years now and what I love most about it is the feeling of belonging and community that everyone gets from it (myself included). The hub that I envisage will also be a place to share experiences, get to know other solo run businesses and learn from each other. It’s often the best way to learn!

Now this is all in the pipeline, but I wanted to share this vision with you now.  The Marketing Hub can’t achieve its potential without the people it’s been designed for. That’s you!  And I’d love for you to share that journey with me.

How it’s beginning

So for now, The Marketing Hub will be an online community, but run almost entirely via social media.  The Facebook page is live and growing fast, the Twitter account is live and there have been a few online courses already. Exciting!

How you can get involved

Here are a few ways you can get involved and help get this community thriving:

  • Like and share the Facebook page, then join in with some discussions or let me know if you have a question to ask the community
  • Try out the next ‘Online Kickstart‘ course.  It’ll be a great way to learn about marketing your business, meet some people and get some ideas into action
  • Let me know what you’d like to see – any courses, resources, features, etc that you think would help you and others

So let’s get this going!  I’ll be updating you regularly with progress, so keep checking the Facebook page and come over and say “Hi”!