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10 Ways To Make Your Small Business Brand Big

Ever wondered whether it’s possible for your small business brand to be a great one? Sure, you don’t have a £billion turnover, but you can have a great brand. This post talks about great branding for small businesses and how … Continue reading

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Why It Pays To Show Your Face Online

Do you have a profile on several social media sites or a website for your business? Do you use a photograph or a logo to identify you or your business? This post will help you decide when to use a … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Networking Pitch

Have you ever been to a networking event and seen the same people, giving the same dull pitches, not talking to anyone, trying to sell, only ‘talking business’ and generally being bland?  Do you see people from the same profession … Continue reading

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Copywriting – it’s more than just words

Ever wondered what the copywriting process actually entails when you pay a professional?  Well that’s the aim of this post – to give an insight into what goes on behind closed doors to produce effective copy that engages your target … Continue reading

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Are you really talking TO your customer?

I’m constantly surprised at how many brochures, websites, newsletters and articles are not truly addressing the audience.  By this I mean that the way in which these marketing texts are written is purely as a means for businesses to talk … Continue reading

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