NEW Online Kickstarts from ‘The Marketing Hub’

Is it time you kickstarted your marketing ideas? Join my first online course for solopreneurs!
Is it time you kickstarted your marketing ideas? Join my first online course for solopreneurs!

Do you need some support, ideas and encouragement to get your marketing in order? Do you have a busy schedule and need the flexibility of a course you can do any time, anywhere? Do you want to see fast results?

Then the Online Kickstarts from The Marketing Hub are for you!

What are Online Kickstarts?

No need to sit on your ideas, let your marketing spend get out of control or feel like you lack direction. These 14 day programmes will give you that kickstart you need to make a change and gain control again.

Join a secret group of other ‘Kickstarters’ on Facebook and receive daily tasks, regular tips and pearls of wisdom from me and get support and camaraderie from other people itching to drive their small business forward.

What’s coming up?

The next Kickstart to be run will be the ‘Reality Check’ course. Take a look at what is and isn’t working at the moment. Look at where your skills lie and whether outsourcing is the answer. See where your time and money is spent and whether you’re getting it back.  This course will take you from treading water to taking control so that you know where you’re going and how best to get there.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

The Commitment

  • You join in and interact with the group on Facebook
  • You do the daily tasks and check ins (you’ll be told more about this when you join)
  • You make the most of the opportunity to ask questions, get peer support and kick your marketing into gear

What do I get?

  • 14 day programme
  • Daily tasks delivered through the secret Facebook group with supporting documents to guide you
  • Support, tips and encouragement from me and other Kickstarters via the secret group throughout
  • A sense of direction and control and an action plan to take forward and use on-going

When does the next one start?

The next Kickstart is planned to begin on Monday 20th January 2014! What a positive way to start the year! Once you’ve paid securely via PayPal, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your order (within 48 hours). You’ll then get an invite to the secret Facebook group a few days before it starts, so please provide the email address you use for Facebook if it is different (just pop it in an email to Once you join the group you can start getting to know other group members straight away!

Cost: £28 (just £2 per day!)


If you’re disappointed that you missed out this time, just send me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know as soon as the next course is open for booking.

Some amazing testimonials!

I did not know what to expect with this course, but was surprised, amazed and delighted that I was able to complete the tasks. As the days went on I saw the fluid thinking that you had planned and realised that each task/lesson had meaning and was to aid me (us) with our future marketing ideas. Your approach was perfect and also your appreciation that we only got out of the course what we, in essence, put in! The comments and support from the group were also much appreciated” Jenny, Retailer (Shrewsbury) – Reality Check, Oct 2013

The main reason I loved this course is multifarious: I’ve seen plenty of marketing tips in our industry (Health & Fitness) over the years. There are ‘gurus’ who have made a lot of money from such advice, BUT this is the first time I’ve 1. Felt accountable, and 2. Developed a workable system pertinent to myself (as it’s based on the day to day responses from ourselves – (which in the end prove invaluable as a resource we can refer to and build this system from). To this end I have, for the first time, a sheet I can hang on the wall which will make me connect to my own strategy and utilise! THEN there is the fact that in our close knit group (from all sorts of Industries which is at once refreshing and useful), we feel the need to keep up! I thoroughly recommend this course. No more shilly-shallying in the dark for me! I have FOCUS!” Cat, Fitness & Health Consultant (Hay on Wye) – Reality Check, Oct 2013

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this kickstart course, the topic being broken down into manageable chunks, has really helped me to get my head around the subject. I know feel a lot clearer, sure of what I need to do and I have a useful plan in place, that I will continue to use! I would highly recommend this course to others and look forward to doing another of Claire’s courses!” Melissa, Graphic Designer (Wolverhampton) – Reality Check, Oct 2013

“Having completed the Reality Check online course I feel so organised and it definitely allowed me to work out where I need to focus my marketing and how to use my strengths. For me, it was nice to be in a group amongst other professionals, not just in fitness, and it allowed me to look outside the box a little. Claire was so helpful and forthcoming with advice, which was always spot on – this girl knows her stuff! The online element was brilliant – working in my own business full time, mum of 3 and lots of hours to do I could never attend a ‘live’ session with Claire. 14 days was perfect too to get to grips with it and complete the tasks. I’m now just completing ‘Simplify & Systemise’ – another brilliant course that has made me get planning and organised, they complement each other well. Thank you Claire for your help and advice” Danni, Fitness Centre Owner (Ellesmere) – Reality Check, Oct 2013

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Other Kickstarts on the way

This isn’t the only Kickstart planned. There are 2 further courses on their way soon:

  1. Brilliant Branding – discover your unique brand personality and selling point that makes you stand out, no matter how small you think you are. Get a plan together that will ensure that you live your brand in everything you do. Booking opens in January for a February start. More details soon!
  2. Simplify & Systemise – This will be back in the spring and is a great way to get organised and get marketing projects done (instead of in your head!) Watch this space for details
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